Bulla En El Barrio

Ryan McCarthy

BULLA EN EL BARRIO is a group that aims to share the traditions, experiences, and lives of the Colombian cantadoras from the regions of Uraba, Cordoba, Bolivar, and Atlantico. Bulla en el Barrio is an effort to open a space in New York City to explore at a deeper level the songs and the dances that are part of these traditions. From its early days, that has been a tool for women to express themselves. Bulla en el Barrio started in October 2014 as a collective learning process and immigrant experience. It is currently comprised by fourteen people who have been teaching, performing, and giving Bullerengue workshops around the city. As of today, the group has performed publicly at Pioneer Works (Brooklyn), Barb├ęs (Brooklyn-Current artistic residency performing the last Monday of each month), Afro-Latino Festival 2016 (Brooklyn), Queens Museum, Museo del Barrio (Manhattan), Brooklyn Folk Festival 2016, David Rubenstein Atrium at Lincoln Center (Manhattan), World Music institute Organization with Susana Baca (Brooklyn), WEPA Cumbia Roots Festival (Austin, Texas) 2017 among others. Our mission is to continue creating a fraternal and cultural bond with all the communities where we perform, as the genuine interest in Bullerengue and Colombian music in general is ever-growing all over the US. Bullerengue is becoming a symbol of identity for migrant communities and descendants of migrant communities from Latin America and other parts of the world.

In order to continue our effort to nurture, educate and most importantly to continue the tradition of Bullerengue in the now; Bulla en el Barrio is working on a project called Transnational Bullerengue.