HONK NYC! and More Gardens at La Plaza Cultural Community Garden!

Our upcoming East Village Calvalcade for More Gardens! is going to be epic, with free events from 12:30-6:30 based around the East Village and La Plaza Cultural Armando Perez Community Garden.

This short film, Home at La Plaza, edited by HONK! NYC co-organizer Jill Woodward, gives some historical context for why this garden exists, and how the community came together after Hurricanes Irene and Sandy.

There are still endangered community gardens in New York City, like the Children’s Magical Garden, where members are currently struggling to save their garden from development. For over a decade, marching bands like Rude Mechanical Orchestra and the Hungry March Band have been a part of the call to action to save these urban treasures and reclaim public space. This year HONK! NYC returns to commemorate the loss of Esperanza Community Garden 15 years ago, celebrate the existence of our secure garden spaces, and once again sound the alarm for those gardens that are fighting for survival.

La Plaza Cultural!

Musicians gather in La Plaza

Musicians gather in La Plaza

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