2013 Featured Musician: Chanell Crichlow

Today we feature Chanell Crichlow of PitchBlak Brass Band!

She is part of our HONK NYC! production team and you can pitch in here:

Chanell was born in Harlem, and grew up on the Upper East Side. She says “My family is from Trinidad, West Indies so I also spent my elementary school days there.”

“I started PitchBlak in 2010 right after grad school. I really got a big push to take a risk and do it from my teacher at Penn State, Velvet Brown. I wanted to explore music that was part of my culture and history and one that I could deeply identify with after studying and pursing classical music for so may years. I basically knew everyone from school and knew that they loved hip hop and loved listening to other music besides classical. Some of us were creating beats and raps since way back and I just knew it would be a great fit.”

As for her favorite venues in town, “The Shrine is one of my favs…not because of the door deal or the stage but the overall vibe. It’s run by Africans and there are always fine people there. The regular sound guy there, I love him. Always helps us put on a good show. I also like Brooklyn Bowl, It is just SO well run…many venues should get on their level. I’ll have to add Nectar in Seattle to the top of the list. Wonderful stage, large enough for PitchBlak, half outdoors half indoors. It was also great to work with a female engineer…like brass bands, there should be more women of all statures in the field.”

When asked what Chanell thinks are the major challenges facing musicians today — “Diversity – Low wages – Low expectations – Lack of research and cultural awareness – Low wages – Low wages – Low wages!”

Given the chance to travel anywhere in the world to play music, she would head for Mali.

And her closing thought for us – “Support the HONK NYC! Kickstarter today!!”